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Face Records
Fallen Records (Austria)
Fandango Records (USA)
Fast Nuts Records
Fast Rock Factory
Faul Collective (Germany)
Feedback Boogie Records (Sweden)
Feldspar Records (USA)
Femme Fatale
Feral Ward (USA)
F.F.T. Label (Japan)
Fiasko Records
Fight Records
FinalMix Records
Finnlevy / Fazer Records
Finnrecords (Sweden)
Gobra / Flimsy Haze Records
Flip Records
Fonal Records
Fono (Germany)
The Fool Music
Forever Blue (Sweden)
Form & Function (Germany)
Fossil Records
4R (Germany)
Fourth Dimension (UK)
Fozaund Rekords
Foz The Dwarf
Fran Records (Germany)
Freakophonic Records (Denmark)
Free Animals
Freehands Records
Fried Music
Fris-B Levyt
Full Contact Records
Full House Records
Fullsteam Records
Fun After All (UK)
Fun House (Japan)
Fuxony Records (UK)