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Frequently asked questions
1. I can't seem to find Band X/Release Y, why isn't it listed?

Although attempts to be as extensive as possible, there are always areas and cases that haven't been added into the database yet. Many bands will be added later, but there are also genres that have been deliberately excluded from this site. For example religious and classical music are distinct areas of their own, so they won't be part of this site. But if you notice that a band or a release is missing, and it represents a genre that is otherwise well covered, it may very well be that we just aren't aware that such band/release exists, and we want to hear about it. In that case, please use the Contact page to send us a message.

2. Band X also made three demo CD-R's and two rehearsal tapes, why aren't they listed?

The line between a "real" release with a distribution and a CD-R or a tape made for private use or copied for friends is sometimes very difficult to draw. Generally all proper releases are listed, and demos and such have been left out, but there are some exceptions. However, if a band has recorded studio-quality material that have never been released, information about it should be listed under "Recordings".

3. Why is there mainly info on punk rock bands, and very little anything else?

Hopefully there will be much more than very little else in the future, as more stuff is added into the database.

4. Why all the information is in English, instead of Finnish? It's all about Finnish bands, anyway.

From Finnish (the country) point of view, Finnish (the language) would be a natural choice, but there are people interested in Finnish music outside Finland as well. And since the number of non-Finns who speak Finnish is *very* small, and almost all Finnish people read English well enough to be able to navigate this site, English is the obvious choice. Or, as Juggling Jugulars put it, "Suurin osa eurooppalaisista osaa melko vähän suomea, ei sitä silloin kannata savvoo yrittää sönkätä". The idea to make the site bilingual has been considered, but rejected.

5. What do I do if I find information that is either incorrect or inaccurate?

All corrections are more than welcome! Our goal is to have as accurate information as possible, so all and any possible errors should be fixed as soon as they are found. Please send us a message via the Contact page.

6. I want to contribute! What do I do?

Although most of the work is done by the local crew, there are some tasks that can be shared. If you really are determined to invest some of your time for this, send us a message via the Contact page.