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About the site

In short, is about Finnish music. It's an attempt to gather information on Finnish bands, their recordings and releases. Some of this information has already been easily available elsewhere in the net, but in many cases doing a search on a band has brought very little useful information, or the search result has been flat out zero. Hopefully's presence in the net is a step in the right direction: more detailed information within easy access.

Even though hasn't been online until 2007, its roots go further than than: a database on Finnish music has existed since the early 1990's, although originally on a much more modest scale. From the beginning, extra attention has been paid to punk rock, mainly for personal reasons. After a couple of years of maintaining the database privately, an idea to make some of the information public came up. Later, after additional research, a reference book about Finnish punk rock called "Suomipunk 1977-1998" was published in May 1999. It was quite well received, and ever since there have occasionally been questions if a revised edition of the book would be published. That hasn't happended, but instead a more ambitious project was planned, and later, in September 2003, started. That project, of course, was, a website that contains information on Finnish punk rock, and much more. The work progress was slower than originally anticipated, but at the time of the site launch (October 2007), there was a fair amount of information made available, and more to come.

Several people have contributed to the cause. There are too many to mention them all by name, but here's some of them. Kudos and gratitude goes to Juha Holttinen (tech support), Petri Home (original visual design), Mika Saastamoinen (band biographies), Jukka Koski (scans of some rare records), Timo Soininen (demo band info), Klaus Romo (some graphics and javascript).