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Backdoor Music
Backstage Alliance
Bad Afro Records (Denmark)
Bad Attitude Records
Bad Card Records (France)
Bad Habits Records
Bad Oxygen Records
Bad Society (Spain)
Bad Vugum
Bandai Music (Japan)
Bang! Records (Spain)
Barabbas Records
Barclay (France)
Basati Diskak (Spain)
BassMania Records
Battle Cry Records (Germany)
BBP Records (UK)
B-Core Disc (Spain)
Beaver Records
Beaver's Production
Beeftone Records
Beer City (USA)
Bellbottom Records
Belle Antique (Japan)
Bemb÷le Cassettes
Bestial Burst
Betty Records
Bianca-Pop Music
Big Money Recordings
Big Music (Italy)
Big Records
Bitchville Recording Company
Bitzcore (Germany)
Bizarre Records
Black Juju (Sweden)
Black Konflik Records (Malaysia)
Black Label Series
Black Mark (Germany)
Black Oval
Blackprint (UK)
Blacktop Records (Germany)
Black Water (USA)
Blast First (UK)
Blastic Heaven
Blind Records
Blow Up Records (UK)
Bluelight Records
Bluff Records
Blut & Eisen Prod. (Germany)
BMG (Belgium)
BMG (Germany)
BMG (Japan)
BMG (Portugal)
BMG (Spain)
Boing Being
Bombardeio Distro (Brazil)
Bone Idle Entertainment
Bone Voyage
Bonga Bonga Records
Bonnier Amigo
Boogiemill Records
Bootsound America
Bored Youth Records
Boring Records
Boss Tuneage (UK)
Boundless Records (Italy)
Bourbon Records (Argentina)
Boxer Records
Brain (Germany)
Brainwaste Records
Break Records
Brew Records
Bridge Of Compassion (Sweden)
Brilliant Music
Broken Noise Records (Malaysia)
Brown Records
Brunamosse IF
B-Tone Records
Bucho Discos (Brazil)
Bullet Proof Records (Germany)
Bull's Eye Records
Bullshit Productions
Burning Bridge Records
Burnin' Head Productions
Burnt Hippie Recordings (Denmark)
Burst Of Anger
BV▓ Produktions
BYO Records (USA)