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Nabate (Belgium)
Nat Records (Japan)
Necropolis Records (USA)
Negative Music
Neg. Fx Records (France)
New Face Records (Brazil)
New Look
New Music Community
New Spirit
Nice Lobotomy Records
Nice Outfit Records
Nightbreed (UK)
Night Of The Vinyl Dead (Italy)
9pm Records (Germany)
Nippon Crown (Japan)
Nippon Phonogram (Japan)
Nite-Club Records
NKVD Records (USA)
Nobody Records
No Fashion Records (Brazil)
No Fucking Labels (Netherlands)
No Fun Records (Argentina)
Noisepoint (Germany)
Noiseville Records (USA)
Nolla Levyt
Nomad Records (USA)
No Quarter (USA)
Nordic Notes (Germany)
No! Records (Italy)
Normal (Germany)
North & South
Northern Hardcore Massacre
Northern Heritage
Northern Sound Records
Northern Varieties
Nosebleeder Records (Norway)
Nuclear Blast (Germany)
Numbers Entertainment