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Gaga Goodies GOM-1 LP 1990
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A1. PIM: Fade away 2:19
A2. WANNA-BEES: Little bit of pleasure (much more pain) 3:49
A3. DOLKOWS: Silent woods 2:20
A4. WANNA-BEES: Let's fall in love 3:29
A5. TEENAGE KICKS: Leather jackets and jeans 1:59
A6. KOSMONAUTS: Hulluksi teet 5:04
A7. DEJA VOODOO: Hiekkaa Hietarannan 1:44
B1. PIM: Move on 2:57
B2. WANNA-BEES: Wild about you 3:34
B3. DOLKOWS: Old Mr. Cutter 3:03
B4. WANNA-BEES: (I was a) teenage male prostitute 1:42
B5. TEENAGE KICKS: Mama weer all crazee now 3:10
B6. KOSMONAUTS: Äiti työnnä mut takas 2:48
B7. DEJA VOODOO: Big pile of mud 1:25
B8. DEJA VOODOO: I wish that cat would shut up 0:59
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