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Tyhjät Patterit was probably the only punk rock band to come from Vammala in the 1970's. For most of the time the band existed the lineup was unchanged: Esa Ijäs: vocals and guitar, Ari Ijäs: bass and Martti Jalonen: drums. Miettinen liked their demo, so they got to do the single Tässä ja nyt, released in 1980 on his Hilse label. The single is quite silly, weird even, especially for the singing part. When Hilse came to an end, Tyhjät Patterit was signed to Poko Rekords, because as a part of the deal in which Poko got Hassisen Kone, 'the next big thing in Finland', the other Hilse bands were to have their scheduled records released as well. So their second single Osat hukassa was released in 1981. The A side is their best known song, it can also be found on a couple of compilations. The style is still original, it's difficult to find a comparison for them. On this single a guy called Pekka is featured on second guitar. Another Poko single, Jää-9, was released the same year. Although the band still has their own distinguishable style, in my opinion this is their best recording. Jää-9, a slow song, was inspired by a book by Kurt Vonnegut.

After that came radical changes: a drum machine was introduced, and Jalonen and Esa started playing keyboards. Anyway, their last recording, Luolamaalauksia 12" EP was an odd record (different odd than before), or perhaps a modern one. It was released by Poko Rekords in 1982. After the EP Tyhjät Patterit started working behind the scenes for Belaboris, playing on their records and writing songs for them.

Later Ari continued his career as a photographer, and opened a studio in Tampere. Jalonen played drums in Dog Eat Dog, and Esa produced a few records in the 1990's, at least a single for Lowdown Shakin' Chills and the Many Hates EP.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen