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Cartoon Rockers was formed in early 1984. Drummer Andy had just quit Silmät, vocal duties were taken over by former Mopot member Teyo, and Kelloggs Bollocks (ex-Widows) played guitar. Those were the members who had a longer history of previous bands, but the people who actually formed the band were new guys Mickey (bass) and Marc La Ray (second guitar). The band played their first gig as support for Road Rats in May 1984, and from the very beginning their Ramones/Boys/Johnny Thunders -flavoured rock'n'roll was received positively. Things started rolling quickly: Epe Helenius liked their demo and gig, so they were signed to Poko Rekords, and single Prostitute, produced by Pantse Syrjä, was recorded in fall 1984. The single is of course great, and represents style that few, if any other band played in 1984. Both songs are fast and catchy tunes. Even an expensive video was made for Prostitute. The video has been made available on 'Mopolla tähtiin' compilation DVD, released by Poko Rekords in 2005.

Unfortunately things didn't go as well from then on. I believe they went to studio to record songs for a new single (Love & win/Great big tits, or possibly Brooke Shields on the B side, all great songs anyway), but the single was never released. The band was also negotiating a worldwide deal with EMI. Then Andy quit the band. He has later become better known as an actor (under his real name Antti Reini). His first major role was probably the lead role in the film Il Capitano, which told the story of a Finnish man who committed a triple-murder in Sweden. In Cartoon Rockers Andy was replaced by a guy called Peppermint (real name Petri, if I recall correctly) in summer 1985. The first gig with the new lineup was in Ruisrock the same year. Nothing came out of the negotioations with EMI, as the promised single and album, scheduled for fall, were never made. The same happened to the planned American tour. The new drummer didn't stay very long, and he in turn was replaced by Kaide (who later played in Ne Luumäet and Rehtorit), but by the end of 1985 this great band had broken up. In late 1980's you could still find 'Cartoon Rockers seeking musicians' classified ads in local magazines, but I guess they never found the right people.

After Cartoon Rockers Teyo (b. Teijo Hintikka) formed Usher Boys in 1989 , and Marc joined him. Usher Boys made a couple of singles and a mini-CD. Of their recordings at least Lipstick traces was an old Cartoon Rockers song (or it may go even further back, apparently a Finnish-sung version of the song was a part of Mopot's repertoire, under the name Mun rakkaus). Anyway, the song is good, and so was Usher Boys. In the 2000's Teyo, as the vocalist of Nixonix, shortened his name to Ty. Kelloggs (b. Markku Manner), played a while in Maukka Parusjätkä's band (possibly on bass), and formed Hangman Jury. Marc was also involved. Hangman Jury recorded a three-track single in 1991. Kelloggs died in 1993: his leg, and much later the rest of him, was found in Kolera-allas in Helsinki. The case was even shown in a local television documentary.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen