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Gaga Goodies GOM-2 LP 1990?
A1. RAVIN' SEEDS: Primitive me 2:23
A2. NORMA JEAN BLUE: Put away that gun 2:45
A3. The UNDERTAKERS: A block of flats 2:40
A4. NOISE In DIRT: Sleep away, my son 3:32
A5. JEANNE D'ARC: Shadowman 3:31
A6. DOG EAT DOG: Jungle 2:56
A7. DEATH TRIP: Death trip 2:52
B1. DEAD ALLISON: Francis 2:49
B2. POVERTY STINKS: This might be the end 3:37
B3. LIVIN' DROPS: Hummin' bird 3:23
B4. The POTATOES: Pota-ska 1:46
B5. MIXED-UP KIDS: She kissed me 3:24
B6. RIIVATTU KISSA: Kissan kävely 3:02
B7. The INNERSPACEMEN: Reason 3:44
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Gaga Goodies CD
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