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Banbo Records Ban 61257-00 LP 2000
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A1. Overscrupulous 1:49
A2. Age doesn't mean a thing 1:40
  The Famous Five (single version)
(from the TV series The Famous Five (Andrews/Spurr))
A3. Wall of Berlin 1:55
A4. For the freedom 1:39
A5. Be yourself 1:35
A6. We're comin' 1:41
A7. Hard to be down 2:21
A8. Wanna be your friend 1:58
A9. Stained happiness 3:03
A10. Operate of murder 2:40
B1. Shit tragedy 2:24
B2. Tastes are different 2:08
B3. Something new 1:58
B4. Now peace is a lie 2:57
B5. Intro (live) (= I'm the leader of the gang (I am), by Gary GLITTER) 1:24
B6. Fun? (live) 1:53
B7. Michell (live) 2:23
B8. Never fuck a Russian girl (live) 1:42
B9. Cartoon rock (live) 1:27
B10. What you want (live) 2:25
B11. Anarchy in the U.K. (live) (SEX PISTOLS) 3:48
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