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The first Kadotetut lineup (Partsi-drums, Vilkki-guitar, Olkkonen-bass and Ahti Pelttari-vocals) was formed in spring 1979. Partsi, Vilkki and Olkkonen had been playing together before, their repertoire consisting of cover songs, Hurriganes and such. Then Ahti, one of the first Helsinki punks, was asked to join in. With him in the ranks, the band's style changed to punk rock.

After a couple of gigs Fage joined the band as the second guitarst. The new five-piece Kadotetut was introduced to the public in Lepakko, late 1979. The next summer a record label representative saw them in Punkarock festival, and was impressed enough to offer them a chance to record a single. At the time Kadotetut played fast and straightforward punk rock, but for some reason the record company picked two slower songs for the single, making it fairly unrepresentative of their style.

The first Kadotetut broke up in spring 1982. Others wanted to pursue different careers, while Fage and Ahti chose to stick with the music. The early 1980's was the golden age of hardcore punk, but Kadotetut didn't want to go that way. Musically their style was quite far from straightforward punk rock, but the attitude was always present.

The band's lineup was constantly evolving, some players dropped in only for a little while, others stayed longer. In time, the lineup came to be Fage-guitar, Sanna-violin, Helistö-saxophone, Henkku-drums and Ahti-bass and vocals. This group recorded albums Kadotetut (1984) and Liian suuri suu (1985), before breaking up again. In 1987 Kadotetut (Ahti-bass and vocals, Fage-guitar, Kojo-keyboards, Häkkänen-drums) recorded their third album Zapa. But the new lineup was short-lived, and again Ahti and Fage were accompanied with various people on their acoustic gigs. Eventually the story of Kadotetut came to the final end.

In the mid 1990's Ahti reinstated the name Kadotetut for a short while with a group of next generation players. They were all born the same year as Kadotetut had originally been formed.

In the early 2000's the band was reformed in its original lineup, played some gigs and recorded the song Mä elän irti susta (released on Isältä pojalle compilation), one of the original Kadotetut's songs.

Of the Kadotetut members Ahti, as well as Sanna, have been active in the music scene, others are known for their activities in different fields.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen