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In 1982 Kake and Timpa left Kaaos and Perry exited Riistetyt. Together they formed a new band called Järjestyshäiriö, with Kake on vocals, Timpa on drums and Perry on guitar. They were having difficulties finding a steady bass player. They rehearsed regularly, several times a week. Bass players came and went. Sari Kavanen was the one who stayed the longest. Nevertheless, the band was three-piece at the time they entered the studio, with Perry handling both guitar and bass.

Studio engineer Heikki Silvennoinen (who later became known from the comedy show Kummeli) had his hands full with the band: he had to have them drink lots of strong black coffee in order to keep them awake, and a major part of the studio time was spent on trying to unlock the bathroom door, as Perry's girlfriend had passed out and locked herself in. Timpa in turn was beaten up by his girlfriend.

Despite all difficulties, the band managed to record an 11-track demo. However, as a consequence of the sad events, the band broke up after that.

In 2009 the demo tape was released as an EP.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen