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Main Songs  
Baptized in whiskey (first version) 1:43 STILL SMOKING
Baptized in whiskey (second version)   TWIST & HOWL VOL. I
Big black man 2:50 STILL SMOKING
Black rose of Tennessee 2:02 STILL SMOKING
Bleedin' 2:16 STILL SMOKING
Built for love 3:20 TWIST & HOWL VOLUME II
Demonette   TWIST & HOWL VOL. I
Few more beer 1:42 STILL SMOKING
Gotta burn my soul 2:30 TWIST & HOWL VOLUME II
Honk if you want to die 3:50 TWIST & HOWL VOLUME II
Lord gave me gun 1:55 STILL SMOKING
Summer's end 1:10 STILL SMOKING