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In August 1984 Nappi (ex-Kaaos and Riistetyt), Jakke (Kaaos) and Masa (ex-Bastards) formed a band called Kuolleet Kukat. Only three weeks later they had been booked on a gig in Vaasa with Disorder and Chaos UK, but eventually those bands didn't make it to Finland.

Soon after that Masa had to perform his compulsory military service, and he was replaced by Poko, another former Kaaos member. About the same time Nappi's then girlfriend Jasu joined the band as the second vocalist. This lineup (Jakke-guitar and vocals, Jasu-vocals, Nappi-bass and Poko-drums) recorded the EP Isoveli valvoo in late 1984. The next year 1985 brought more lineup changes: first Jartse joined as the new guitarist with Jakke concentrating on vocals, and Poko was replaced by Juha Hämäläinen, and later the band got a second guitarist when Toby joined in. Soon the new lineup headed for studio and recorded material for a planned album. After the recordings Jartse left the band. The release was supposed to be put out by Rat Poison, but the label disappeared, and the material was left unreleased.

In early 1986 the band took a break, as Toby and Juha began their non-military services. The band played some gigs in the summer with temporary replacement drummer Stydy (ex-Riistetyt). The break lasted a lot longer than was originally intended. It wasn't until 1993, seven years later, when things started happening again: Tomppa from Fight Records came up with an idea to pick four songs from the unreleased tapes and release them as an EP. And so it was, Vallankumous EP was released in August 1993.

With the EP out, the band was reactivated with a new lineup. Jakke handled the vocals on his own, as Jasu was no longer in the band. Essi played guitar, with Poika soon taking the second guitar, when Toby left the band. This lineup recorded Kyynelkaasua EP, which was released in 1994. Later Poika left the band and was replaced by Luigi.

More releases followed, as Kansanmurha CD and Live at Tavastia EP were released. After that, things started slowing down again. The band was put on hold, but it was never officially disbanded.

Juha Hämäläinen died in December 2004.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen