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Babylon astronaut (first version) 4:17 SLOANE 313
Babylon astronaut (second version) 4:11 COLD HEAVEN more
Beyond the sun 3:44 TRISMEGISTOS
Beyond the sun 4:35 COLD HEAVEN more
Cold heaven 3:50 COLD HEAVEN more
Cold hummingbird 3:38 SLOANE 313
Dating with witchcraft 4:29 DEATH OF THE WEST
Death in Prague 6:24 DEATH OF THE WEST
Deggael: a rat's god 4:45 DEGGAEL more
Deviltry 3:38 COLD HEAVEN more
Dog star α 0:33 DEGGAEL more
East of earth   DEVIL'S MEAT
Emerald green 3:42 DEGGAEL more
Enchiridion for a common man 3:56 COLD HEAVEN more
Errata stigmata 3:34 KING FEAR
Errata stigmata
Errata stigmata (St. Vitus dance mix) 4:54 Errata stigmata
Eveningland 4:06 DEATH OF THE WEST
Exit Eden 4:33 KING FEAR
Fey (first version) 4:36 KING FEAR
Fey (second version) 4:53 Errata stigmata
Flesh of a swine 5:13 COLD HEAVEN more
Hand of glory 3:24 KING FEAR
Hell abloom 5:41 DEATH OF THE WEST
In arcadia ego 4:07 COLD HEAVEN more
King fear: song for the damned 5:22 KING FEAR
Life fades away 4:23 DEATH OF THE WEST
Love under will 3:38 TRISMEGISTOS
Lucibel (The good spirits of Europe) 5:36 DEATH OF THE WEST
Metatron 3:04 COLD HEAVEN more
Methadone slut 1:53 RETURN OF THE BABYSITTER
Mother of serpents 7:24 DEATH OF THE WEST
Of blowjobs and cocktails 3:46 SLOANE 313
Omega Therion (first version) 3:57 COLD HEAVEN more
Omega Therion (second version) 3:56 DEGGAEL more
A pale horse against time 6:37 DEATH OF THE WEST
Radio Werewolf 3:54 KING FEAR
Silver apples 2:21 SLOANE 313
Skeleton farm 3:45 KING FEAR
Sol niger (first version) 3:56 DEGGAEL more
Sol niger (second version) 3:57 KING FEAR
Somniferum 4:06 DEGGAEL more
Speed doll 4:23 TRISMEGISTOS
Third eye (first version)   DEVIL'S MEAT
Third eye (second version) 2:18 RETURN OF THE BABYSITTER
To behold the suns below 5:33 KING FEAR
Trismegistos 3:04 TRISMEGISTOS
Veritas 4:59 KING FEAR
UK Heroine/MFN CD
Japanese Pony Canyon CD
Finnish Spinefarm mCD
UK Heroine mCD