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cover concept by Vesa Ranta & Sami Lopakka, layout by Media Logistics
RECORDED Club Teatria, October 1st 2005 (live)
PERSONNEL Ville LAIHIALA (vocals), Miika TENKULA (guitar), Sami LOPAKKA (guitar), Sami KUKKOHOVI (bass), Vesa RANTA (drums)

Taneli JARVA (vocals on D1.,D2.,D3.,D4. and D5.)
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Night Of The Vinyl Dead (Italy) NIGHT 070 3LP June 2010
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A1. Funeral intro 1:59
A2. Where waters fall frozen 0:59
A3. May today become the day 4:35
A4. Neverlasting 4:21
A5. Bleed 3:50
B1. The rain comes falling down 5:39
B2. Ever-frost 4:53
B3. Sun won't shine 4:05
B4. Dead moon rising 5:03
C1. Despair-ridden hearts 4:30
C2. Broken 4:03
C3. The suicider/Excuse me while I kill myself 5:54
D1. The war ain't over 4:23
D2. Nepenthe 4:10
D3. Northern lights 5:57
D4. The way I wanna go 4:21
D5. Dance on the graves (Lil siztah) 4:37
E1. Noose 4:05
E2. Aika multaa muistot (Everything is nothing) 4:56
E3. Farewell 4:18
E4. No one there 7:52
F1. Drown together 4:29
F2. Cross my heart and hope to die 4:03
F3. Brief is the light 4:50
F4. Vengeance is mine 4:42
F5. End of the road 5:18
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German Century Media 2CD
US Century Media 2CD
Italian Night Of The Vinyl Dead 3LP