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Alaston Lounas, consisting of ex-Loose Prick members Jussi Kylliäinen (guitar), Pauli Johansson (vocals) and Timo Ranta (drums) and ex-Giddyups bassist Sauli Leppänen, was clearly a follow-up to Loose Prick. The band was formed in 1984, and naturally they were signed to Poko Rekords. Next year the single Taivaskatto, sounding very similar to Loose Prick's last single, was released. They were also compared to Musta Paraati, which was hardly surprising, due to the Helsinki band's popularity at the time (actually Musta Paraati had already broken up, but still). Taivaskatto received some airplay, but it didn't get the whole world at their feet. The bassist was replaced by Mikko Engberg, and a new five-track 12" Hiipivä hulluus, featuring Wig-wam bam, the old hit by Sweet, was released the same year. Tulen, one of the songs on the record, was co-written by Timo Nikki of Peer Günt. The record is good, especially the title track is excellent. But after the release things started to slow down. The band believed in themselves and kept things going for a couple of years, but Hiipivä hulluus remained their last release. Before they broke up, another former Loose Prick member Jussi Voutilainen joined in, first on second guitar and later on bass.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen