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RECORDED YO-talo, Vanha Ylioppilastalo, June 28th & September 5th 1980 (live)
PERSONNEL Dave LINDHOLM (vocals, guitar), Ari VAAHTERA (bass), Zape LEPPÄNEN (drums, backing vocals, vocals on B3.)
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Johanna JHN 2022 LP late 1980
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A1. Tears 6:18
A2. Medley: Later (you'll laugh at it)/Goddess of music 9:43
A3. Normal lights 4:09
B1. Help you 4:40
B2. Know my own 4:25
B3. Take me to the river (Al GREEN) 6:09
B4. Cigarette lean nr:2 7:13
release details updated June 2nd 2008
Johanna LP
Johanna CD