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The Ala-Sipppola brothers Ismo (guitar, vocals) and Jolla (bass) formed the band with Kräki (drums) and Epe (guitar) in late 1979. The name of the band was taken from Alko alcohol product catalogue, 013 being the catalogue number of Koskenkorva Viina, "the Finnish national drink". Their first gig was in early 1980 with Aarnen Valinta. However, the other band's drummer got arrested, so 013 ended up playing two sets that night.

Next autumn the band headed to Microvox Studios in Lahti, to record a song for the Propaganda compilation EP. When the EP was released, they were asked to contribute to another compilation. It wasn't until they were already in the studio when they found out that they were supposed pay for the expenses themselves. They didn't like the idea, so they left. In 1982 it was time to visit Microvox Studio again, this time to record two tracks for another Propaganda Records compilation.

By the beginning of 1983 the band had written enough songs for a full album, so they went to Kärkölä to record songs for the album Takaisin todellisuuteen. Fairly soon after the album had been released, the band was divided in two, as Epe and Ismo formed a new band, ACH. The new band was quite shortlived, however, and only made some demo recordings. Meanwhile 013 continued as Kräki and Jolla recruited Kligge (later Maho Neitsyt) as their new guitarist. The sound of the new lineup was rougher, but no songs were released. In around 1985 they split up, and the story of 013 was over for good.

text by Mika Saastamoinen, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen