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Nymfodite was formed after Jouni 'Känkkö' Lehtinen's previous band Viides Sääty broke up (circa 1985). Pentti Luomakangas, also from Viides Sääty, joined the newly formed band, and was followed by keyboard player Jussi Kleimola. Timo Hanén became the drummer, although at times he was substituted by Petri Tähtinen, when he was unable to attend because of his compulsory military service. At a later stage Raimo Katajarahko (ex-Syyskuu), who had moved to Kouvola for studies, joined the band to play tenor saxophone.

The band's first single Rumpalityttö was released in 1986 by Voodoo Records, a (very) small record label from Kuusankoski, run by a character called Kapo. For the second single Mene pois Jouni Lehtinen managed to get funding from a local bank manager: the bank took care of the expenses, and in return got a handful of copies of the final product and a logo on the sleeve. Probably one of the better investments the bank made in the 1980's.

Nymfodite gigged extensively in Eastern Finland, Lahti, Joensuu and other places, but their career wasn't very long, as the band broke up in 1987. Before that, however, they recorded an EP's worth of material, but it was never released.

After Nymfodite Lehtinen formed a band called Stalinin Urut with Timo Hanén and Raimo Katajarahko, but later quit the music scene. Luomakangas formed Noise In Dirt, where he handled the vocal duties, and later has concentrated on playing saxophone.

text by Jarkko Kuivanen