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photography by Marjukka Nissi, original glass object by Pia Backström

After a couple of more laid-back albums, Prospekt marked a brief return to Circle's original hypnotic roots. There are plenty of easy, almost ambient parts present here as well, but the songs build up into the frantic trance-like (no, not that trance) state, of which Circle became known in the first place. The opening track Dedofiktion is a good example: it starts slowly, with Pike Kontkanen's beautifully haunting violin, then getting faster, beating monotonously with an unstoppable force. The album is instrumental with the exception of Rättö's vocals/shouting on Dedofiktion (his first appearance in Circle) and the Meronia-style chanting on Eripwre.

The original Prospekt release (2000) was exceptionally good, but the additional material of the vinyl re-release (2002) makes it an album no true Circle-fan can live without. The bonus song is an almost eighteen minute version of Työläisten laulu (originally on Alotus), recorded live in November 2001 (see Raunio). This version starts with Rättö delivering a preach so forceful that would have any congregation sobbing on their knees. The preach comes eventually to an end, but the band keeps playing the monotonous but intense rhythm. The loudness grows and grows, until the band is blasting on full aural spectrum, all meters on red and beyond, the pressure of the sound making your eyes bleed. The songs is ended a little more gently, so the audience is allowed to ajdust their heartbeats and respiration to normal levels.

Prospekt is an excellent piece from Circle's vast catalogue, an album that is probably valued by all Circle fans, whether they enjoy more the early Circle (Meronia era), ambient Circle or the heavier Circle.

(Note: this review was written for UK Static Caravan / Resonant 2LP)

text by Jarkko Kuivanen
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UK Static Caravan / Resonant 2LP
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