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Angels of Broad Street 4:11 REALITY
Body in motion 4:49 STRIPPED
Closed doors 4:19 Hearts break
The crime 4:30 Who was the one?
Dancin' 4:21 REALITY
Enough reason 4:32 STRIPPED
Eye of the hurricane 3:37 REALITY
Finish what you started 3:40 STRIPPED
Hearts break 3:44 Hearts break
If I had you 3:00 REALITY
I'm pretendin' 3:14 REALITY
Kill me 4:10 Kill me
Make love not money 3:31 REALITY
Miss America 4:30 Kill me
My town 3:12 REALITY
One in a million 4:17 STRIPPED
1 track mind 3:26 STRIPPED
Out of the black 4:44 STRIPPED
The river floods 3:46 You got what it takes
Sensation 4:22 STRIPPED
Slave for your love 3:48 STRIPPED
Stripped 4:43 STRIPPED
Thieves of all kinds 4:18 REALITY
Who was the one? 3:42 Who was the one?
You got what it takes 3:17 You got what it takes