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ABC 3:17 SWAY more
Baby sency 2:06 SWAY more
Baby sency jr. 3:46 OLIO
Basement people 3:40 SHAKEN
Bedtime 3:50 Pretty lies
Between satin sheets 2:11 SWAY more
Big love 2:19 OLIO
Breakaway 2:14 SWAY more
Cathy 4:00 SWAY more
Dining with a stranger 4:35 OLIO
E.S.P.E. 2:53 SWAY more
Full well 3:53 OLIO
Guilty 4:12 OLIO
Hurt 4:04 OLIO
(I was a) truckdriver's wife 1:47 SWAY more
(I was a) truckdriver's wife
JoeKing 2:13 SWAY more
Misery 4:25 SWAY
Molly 5:36 SHAKEN
Molly (album mix) 5:06 Moonlight
Moonlight 3:42 Moonlight
The pig & bear song 3:05 OLIO
Pretty lies 3:00 Pretty lies
SWAY more
Prince Ricky 2:04 SWAY more
The rift 4:39 SHAKEN
The rift (album mix) 4:19 OLIO
Show some promise 3:31 OLIO
Sirens 3:12 SWAY more
A walk through my door 3:08 SWAY more
(I was a) truckdriver's wife
Who's on the merry-go-round 2:37 SWAY more
Stupido Twins LP
Stupido Twins CD