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Rattlers from Raisio came fifth in Finnish rock championship competition in 1980. The band had been formed as early as 1976, but at that time it was known as Tigers(!). The lineup was Rinko (aka Rauno Ruonala): vocals, Mike (aka Mika Jokinen): guitar, Jaska Mäntylä: drums and Jouni Salovaara: bass. By 1979 Rattlers were already quite well-known, and they gigged extensively in and around Turku. In 1980 the band got their first single out, as Lempi-Levyt released Mä oon sun/Kaunis maailmamme. Three more tracks (Ole hyvä/Mikä mä oon/Minusta tuli tähti) were included on Risteys-rock compilation tape. Then their second single Vaahtopäät/Mä en luovuta/Meillä on yhteinen tulevaisuus was released on Selecta label. Additionally a compilation LP was named after their song Vaahtopäät (with the song included, naturally). New member Tom Widqvist played second guitar on the second single, but he quit the band in December 1980. Next year the band broke up.

Three more tracks became available posthumously, as a compilation album celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pommari, a famous rehearsal place in Raisio, was released in 1996. The band also played at least one reunion gig in late 1980's. After Rattlers Rinko played in The Love Ya and in moderately popular Pepe Le Moko. Mike too played in Pepe Le Moko. Jouni played in Ret Marut and Tohtori Outolempi, and joined SIG in the 2000's.

text by Vesa Vahtera, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen