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ROM's predecessor Musta had lost its original vocalist and songwriter Matti Laine when he moved to USA to continue his studies. When Laine returned to Finland in fall 1982, a new band called Kylkiluupiano was formed. The lineup varied, with players from both Turku and Helsinki. Kylkiluupiano broke up in spring 1983, and with the band's bass player Kaj Backman and drummer Jouni Pusa, Laine went on to form a new band, this time called Club 77. Jari "Suopo" Kauppinen (Musta, Liikkuvat Lapset) became the band's guitarist. Soon the band's name was changed from Club 77 to ROM, but the lineup stayed the same.

ROM made their only single Rebekka in early 1984, released by Johanna. It was recorded in Studio 55, Turku, and mixed in Helsinki. It was produced by Riku Mattila (of Kauko Röyhkä's Narttu band), and he also played slide guitar. Originally Jorma Tapio was meant to play saxophone on the single, but it was Antti Weltheim's playing (recorded during the mixing session) that ended up on the record. The cover photo was taken by ex-Musta guitarist and photographer Juha Laukkanen. The single proved to be one of the last Johanna releases.

ROM faded away during Laine's compulsory military service in spring-summer 1984. Gigs had been few and far between, the single went mostly unnoticed, the record company went bankrupt, the bass player lived in Helsinki (the others in Turku), and Kauppinen didn't have much time because he was busy with AD. After ROM Laine formed new Musta, later played folk rock in Rockport and even later formed Kurtz, which released a couple of records.

text by Matti Laine, translation by Jarkko Kuivanen